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Everybody has a story to tell

Helping you share your life stories with your loved ones for generations to come

Terms & Conditions

  1. You must agree to the MemoryStoria Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy to be able to use this website. You are free not to agree and in that case you must not use MemoryStoria.
  2. Our Privacy Policy is part of the Terms & Conditions, so please read it.
  3. You can use the website for your own personal use or to help others record their life stories on a volunteer basis. You cannot use the website to provide professional services, store irrelevant data or for any other corporate use.
  4. You have to register with us and log in to record stories after your first one. You must not register if you are under 18 (unless you have permission from your legal guardian).
  5. You may subscribe to receive relevant information and updates from us. You are free to unsubscribe at any time.
  6. You are the owner of the intellectual property (including copyright) on all your private stories and all stories are recorded as private by default. We may occasionally ask you to give us a story for publication but you are free to refuse. You retain the copyright on stories that are published by you as public as regards external audiences. However, by making a story public you give MemoryStoria the right to use it freely in promotional and other materials and to quote you as the author.
  7. If a story is recorded jointly by you and another person, it is up to you to agree on who owns the intellectual property (including the copyright). MemoryStoria will not adjudicate in intellectual property disputes. If you make such a story public via your profile, we assume that you are the owner of all intellectual property related to this story.
  8. We reserve the right to use any postings made by you in the public forums and sections on this website and to quote you as the author. You must not write or share content in public if you do not want to be quoted as the author. You must not publish material whose copyright you do not own or have permission to use.
  9. You must not publish defamatory, offensive or illegal content on this website. If you share the personal information of others, you must have their permission. We may stop you from using the website if you violate the terms and conditions and privacy policy, perform acts that do not constitute fair usage or create an environment that makes it difficult for other users to use the website. We will not owe compensation for any losses you may suffer as a result of a possible suspension from the website.
  10. We may make changes to the website from time to time to improve the quality of services we are offering. If the website breaks down we cannot be liable for any losses you might experience. We cannot be liable for force-majeure events such as natural disasters or human-related incidents.
  11. Our liability to you is limited to the total amount of money that you have spent on the website over the 12 calendar months before you make a claim. Most users do not pay for using the website, so there is no liability that such users can claim. Your statutory rights are not affected.
  12. English law applies to these terms & conditions and the usage of this website. Any disputes will only be heard in English courts. We reserve the right to update the terms & conditions and notify you of the changes. Please contact us if anything remains unclear.
Last updated: March 2015