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From "brownie points" to "short-selling"

The first job in my career was a low-paid 6-month marketing internship at a white goods manufacturer. I got it through a personal connection - via the wife of the CEO. She had offered me a home-cooked brownie during the break at language class at university (she was taking classes for pleasure). The brownie started a conversation that led to my first job.

I met the CEO all in all three times during my 6 months at the company. The first time was on the day when I started. The second time was at a barbecue at his house - he was so kind to invite me. The third time was on my last day at the company.

I requested a meeting with the CEO on my last day with one thought in mind: to ask him for guidance for my future career. We met and chatted for about half an hour about my experience at the company and the world in general. At the end, he gave me his key piece of advice, which boiled down to one sentence: "Don't sell yourself short."

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