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My Bali coconut

I was walking on Kuta beach in Bali in early 2010. The sun was shining, as it does around the Equator year round. I stumbled upon a coconut washed up by the waves. It was heavy and seemed to have fallen recently into the sea. I embarked on a mission to crack it open but there was no tool around. I found a tree stump and started throwing the coconut against the tree. After multiple hits, it finally cracked open. To my great disappointment the coconut water flew out onto the sand. Yet, I had plenty on my hands: I spent the next 30 min scooping out with an ice cream spoon the soft white waxy lining on the inside.

Not bad for a lazy day on the beach.

Themes in story:
  • Kuta
  • Bali
  • The sun
  • great disappointment
  • waxy
  • the beach
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