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My first encounter with the Internet

I used to listen to the BBC World Service in the mid 1990s. At some point around 1996 the hosts started mentioning a strange WWW at the end of each programme. I thought it funny. What could that be? I could feel something fundamentally new was coming but I didn't have any idea how big it would become.

I started using the Internet after I got my first university email address in 1997. I actually never used that very email - it was just too clunky. But it gave me the confidence that I was part of the information age. I opened a Yahoo email and I would spend a whole hour crafting a message of two paragraphs to one of the few people whose emails I knew.

It all looked cool but I had no idea how important it would become. And now, 18 years later, I can hardly remember how the world functioned without the Internet.

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