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My love for Hip Hop Music....

I developed a liking for hip hop at school. Actually, it was rather on the way to school, on the school bus. I first listened to hip hop on the bus. Then I started listening to hip hop at home.

I like John Cena because he never gives up. He Is a WWE Superstarr and I very much like his style. He gave me the idea of writing hip hop for myself, after I saw him rapping before a wrestling match. That’s how I started writing lyrics in 2004. I’ve written more than 100 songs since then. I write about my disability, football, girls, life. Sometimes I write about my friends and family. When I’ve written a song, I put it on my Facebook page. I always write in perfect rhymes. I would describe myself as a poet / hip hop lyricist. I am most creative around 10 am in the morning. It takes me about 20 minutes to write the lyrics of a song.

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