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Everybody has a story to tell

Helping you share your life stories with your loved ones for generations to come

About Us

MemoryStoria is a digital publishing platform that helps parents and grandparents record their life stories in cooperation with their children and grandchildren. The mission of MemoryStoria is to preserve the immensely valuable emotional content of our lives for the benefit of future generations.
The platform combines an online content management and publishing tool, a social network, and a weekly online course in storytelling which keeps the authors working on their memoirs. When a user decides they have recorded enough life stories and their memoirs are complete, the platform generates a digital book which the author can email to friends and family. All stories are private unless shared by the authors themselves.
We have three goals:
  1. Record and preserve the stories of your life.
  2. Connect generations by encouraging (grand)children to record the stories of their (grand)parents.
  3. Give you, our user, a socially-engaging and intellectually-stimulating storytelling journey. We want to create a world where no one is ever forgotten.

Meet the team

George Ilieve

George ILIEV Founder

George is a London-based entrepreneur with a background in social anthropology and media. George loves orienteering races and writing limericks - but his limericks are too good to be shown to the public.

Ryan Cormack

Ryan Cormack Founder

Ryan is a Scottish psychologist turned software engineer, with a background in genealogy and family trees at Find My Past and DC Thomson Family Histories. He is also a professional photographer and has recently discovered a passion for rock climbing.


Valentin Aitken Developer

Valentin is the lead developer and a keen cyclist. Do not let the couch on the background mislead you about his lifestyle.


Slavka Tsankova Developer

Slavka is a Ruby developer and a chess master. She is the perfect explanation why the queen is the most powerful piece in chess.