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MemoryStoria это цифровая платформа в Интернете, на которая вы можете записать свои истории жизни. Использование MemoryStoria абсолютно бесплатно. Все рассказы сохраняются как личные, но вы можете поделиться своими историями с друзьями и семьей. Вы можете также сделать история открыта для публики, если вы хотите. После того как вы записали десять или больше историй, платформа позволяет превратить их в цифровую книгу. MemoryStoria сохраняет ваши воспоминания для будущих поколений. Мы хотим создать мир в которой никого не забыть.

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Bletchley Park and the gimmicks of wartime rationing

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Meeting two astronauts, 30 years apart

Public story
Public story
When I was 4 or 5 I met an astronaut. A cousin of my father's was his driver. I guess back then astronauts had drivers because they couldn't be trusted to drive a car - in case they thought it was a rocket. I don't think we talked much. He shook hands with me. And then he talked to my mother. He had spent 2 days in space in total. I'd have called this a weekend joy ride, as...

One Day, You Can Choose to See a Ghost

Public story
Public story
On November 2, 2002 around 5 am, in Cachoeira, Brazil, I woke up startled as I saw a man kneeling on the floor by my bed and watching me intently. For reasons that I could not explain at the time, I didn’t scream. Instead, I said very quietly, “Leave, please.” The man got up and started stepping backwards and out of the room with his hands in the air, as if he was gesturing me...

Да нарисуваш пеперуда (To draw a butterfly)

Public story
Public story
От Александра Грашкина Разказвала ли съм ви как имах наказателно домашно по рисуване? В пети клас трябваше да нарисувам пеперуда и крилата все не ставаха идеално симетрични. Затова госпожата идваше, късаше ми листа и ме караше да почна отново. Аз симетрична пеперуда не можех да нарисувам тогава, сега също не мога, но тогава още не беше ясно, че положението е непоправимо. Иначе аз пепе...